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womens nike shoes australia At one elementary school inside of a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, teacher Fakhrieh Al Zaabouti was saddened anytime a 7 year-old child arrived to school in tears. His left shoe was torn apart and he am upset. But, his tears soon started joy when he received his new set of TOMS Shoes. Two Russian cargo planes carrying food, generators and rescue boats land in Serbia included in a relief effort following the worst floods in with a century kill in excess of 20 individuals in the Balkans. ANERA has distributed many TOMS Shoes to children at nearly 70 UNRWA schools and several preschools in Palestinian refugee camps located across Lebanon. s first delivery of TOMS Shoes in Lebanon. Children inside of a preschool in the refugee camp near Beirut celebrated with balloons and games when volunteers from ANERA joined UNRWA teachers to slip these for new shoes.

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