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Full Vehicle Wraps

Turn your car or fleet into a traveling billboard that gets seen by thousands of people on the road, every day......

Car wrapping is an affordable and highly effective way to create an eye-catching, mobile advertisement for your business. If you’re trying to increase your company’s visibility quickly, using vehicle graphics is one of the best ways to do it.

We Proudly use

Premium Vinyls

Hexis Skintac EVO Cast Vinyl

Depending on how often you drive, a quality car wrap has the potential to make hundreds of thousands of impressions every week. Not only will other drivers on the road see your advertisement, pedestrians will too. Whether your car is moving or parked, car wrapping displays information about your business to anyone nearby. 

When you compare how much reach a vehicle wrap has to more traditional advertising methods, it’s astonishing how cost-effective marketing with a car wrap actually is.

The X-press Team in Coffs Harbour are the professionals when it comes to vehicle wrapping. With over 25 years in the industry with various industry certifications to match, you can be sure your car wrap will stand out in the crowd.   

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