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Colour Change Wraps

Black Matte Hexis

Download Hexis Color Chart

Personalise and refresh your car's appearance with a cool
new fashion look and/or texture that will turn heads.

No matter what colour your car is, you can now drastically alter it’s appearance with a protective vehicle wrap in any combination of our amazing range of stock colours/finish self adhesive vinyl wrap films from Hexis.

Various finishes are available from traditional gloss, matte and metallic finishes. In addition to the numerous gloss colours we have available, you can take advantage of the many unique specialty materials available such as carbon fiber or matte black vinyl to create car wrap graphics that add a subtle layer to your car’s existing appearance. Show your flair with our custom vinyl wraps that feature materials that offer leather-like textures, brushed metal effects or even super shiny chrome.

Hexis Colour Chart

Hexis HX2000 colour chart

A vinyl car wrap not only gives your vehicle a unique look, it also protects your factory paint job, ensuring that your vehicle stays as pristine as the day you bought it. With the vinyl wrap covering your original paint and keeping it protected from the weather, you can be assured that when you peel the vinyl off your car will look just like the day you bought it thanks to your car wrap.

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