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Custom Boat Wraps

Flathead Boat Wrap

Make your boat stand out every time you hit the water!

X-press Print & Signs Coffs Harbour can vinyl wrap your boat from the water to the gunnel with custom graphics designs or colours that reflect your personality.

All wraps are completed using the highest of quality materials. We recommend and use Hexis cast films coupled with matching clear UV laminate. Vinyl used is marine grade quality, and is proven to be resistant to the extreme conditions of salt water abrasion.

The special marine grade material we use, will ensure your print will not fade, peel nor crack for many years. All wraps are complimented with edge sealing for added durability.  

Installation is completed by certified installers with over 25 years experience in the industry.

Benefits of Having a Boat Wrap



The film offers an additional protective layer which, when removed, leaves the hull like brand new. 

Vinyl wrap restores old boat hull


Painted boats can be polished only for a limited number of times (gel coat layer is thin). Renovating even an old hull is possible with a vinyl wrap.    



No counter-indications! Compatible with standard polyester gel coat, polyurethane varnish, steel and aluminium hulls.



All wraps are custom designed to suit your requirements.

Easy removal to change the style or if you wish to restore the surface back to the original, protected finish of your hull. Boat wraps are fully removable.


No health, safety and environmental impact as opposed to paint.


Easy removal to change the style or to revert back to the protected original hull surface.

Make a Boat Wrap Enquiry Today

With a few simple questions you can be on your way to having your own custom wrap for your boat. Fill in the required fields and we'll be in touch with you. It's that easy!

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