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Stickers & Decals (SAV)

Our most economical sticker (SAV) stock! With up to a 3 year life span, this stock is perfect for short term use from promotional items to bumper stickers. Being vinyl these stickers can be used outdoors.  We also have a clear vinyl option which is commonly used on glass surfaces. We also specialize in printing with white and clear ink to give special effects and to create various layers of printing as seen commonly on vehicle service stickers.


All stickers are printed using our advanced UV printer which provides a durable finish with remarkable quality. All stickers are die cut to shape and we even specialise in custom shapes to suit your requirements.  If want a custom sticker just fill in the order and we’ll be in touch with you.

Stickers & Decals (SAV)

Sales Tax Included

Artwork is included as standard using customer supplied logos/files. An additional charge may incur if files are of poor quality and/or need to be re drawn.

Upon completion of order visit our New Artwork page where you can complete the necessary fields including uploading of files.

Make sure you use your order number as reference so we can link your request. We'll be in touch with you to finalise your artwork request and to discuss any further requirements.

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